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Portuguese translation

I've had a few volunteers offer to help with a Portuguese translation but I'm not sure how much work people have already done so please use this thread to share what you've done so far and coordinate your efforts.
For reference, the online Translation Tool is here:


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    Also, now that the Lexicogulator is ready, you can also use that to work on your translation by creating a Lexicon. If you are not already a member of the Admiral's Club I will give you an honorary Ensigneer membership so you can use it :)

    (The Lexicogulator is a much nicer version of the dynamic string editors in the Translation Tool.)
  • Greetings! Thiago Brosens here.

    Alguém chegou a fazer algum pedaço da tradução? Acho que o ideal seria compartilharmos o que já temos pra que quem não tem nada feito (como eu) pode focar em coisas que faltam.

    Os arquivos podem ser depositados em um dropbox ou disponibilizados no google drive. :)

    PS: Como organizaremos a comunicação? Grupo do facebook? Whatsapp? E-mail quadradão mesmo?

    Translation, for Mr. Henry :)

    Does anyone have anything translated? I think it's in our best interest to share what we already have, so those who haven't done anything yet (like me) can focus on what we're missing.

    The files can be stored in a dropbox or made available through google drive.

    PS: how will we communicate? Facebook group? Whatsapp? Ye olde e-mail?
  • Hello, everyone! I'm Crístofer.

    I'd really like to help too. Altough it'll be the first time I'll be participating in this kind of project.

    I know some of the therms used in the game would be a pain to translate, so imagination and knowledge of sci-fi movies and stuff would be an importante thing to consider too.

    I think we should start communicating through e-mail, and when we get a couple more people we chose the best communication channel for everyone.

    Um abraço!

  • Me and 4 other people had started translating through a shared Google Spreadsheet. Here is the link for you to view:
    If you give me a Gmail address, I can add you on it so you can contribute. It is very easy to work on it. A lot has already been done but there is still plenty to do.

    Personally, I would prefer to use this forum for our communications from here on out, but we can use email if that's what is better for most, whatever...
  • Olá. O que acham de usarmos o Google Docs. É um bom site para trabalhos colaborativos assim...
    Mas como faríamos? Eu vou subir os arquivos e coloco o link aqui...
  • And like churrumino said, we quickly found that a lot should just not be translated. None of the terms have to be directly equivalent to any original term, so it is largely a creative thing to do, translating the terms, and the Brazilian version doesn't even have to have the same amount of each kind of term. I think we should even come up with our own brazilian culture-specific terms.
  • Olá. Muitos Thiagos por aqui.

    Paulo, existe uma planilha no google docs, conforme postado acima. Já tem algumas traduções feitas algum tempo atrás, mas o trabalho ficou pelo caminho.

    Podemos fazer a tradução nessa planilha, numa cópia dela ou iniciar tudo novamente. O que acham?
  • Eu também notei que tem muitos Thiagos por aqui ausheuash

    o meu email é Se me adicionarem, eu já começo a fazer umas traduções rapidinho. :)

    Acho uma boa trabalharmos em cima dessa planilha; não precisa começar do zero, não tem porquê.
  • By the way, I take no responsibility for any disagreements between Brazilian vs European Portuguese usage... We can have two versions if you want! :)
  • Gostei do docs já traduzido.
    Mas o problema é para fazer os testes no translator tool? Como copiar da planilha para o tool? Ele é perfeito para ver se a tradução faz sentido ou não.

    Tive uma ideia um pouco diferente.
    O que acham de alterarmos no txt mesmo e após cada alteração, nós jogamos no translator tool para testar os resultados? Criei uma pasta com os arquivos em txt e um arquivo de imagem que mostra a colocação no tool de cada arquivo em txt...
  • Para copiar da planilha pra ferramenta é fácil. É só gerar um CSV da planilha em questão e copiar a coluna que interessa.

    A vantagem da planilha é a organização, já que dá pra saber a partir do que cada coisa foi traduzida.

    I'd like to have access to the translation sheet, please:


  • edited February 2015
    Não acho que a gente deve testar com cada alteração, pq não são alterações, o processo é como criar todos os termos do zero, acho que nós temos que ir traduzindo tudo, depois dar uma segunda passada deletando algumas coisas que, em uma segunda olhada, ficam esquisitas, depois uma etapa de criação mesmo, adicionando termos brasileiros novos. Em seguida um período de teste nosso no jogo mesmo.
  • Henry, I think there should be separate Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese versions of the game, and I don't think we brazilians are generally qualified to produce an European Portuguese version. At the very least it would feel like a bad port to them. However, certainly should portuguese people come by, our work would advance something like 70% of their work into making their version.
  • Tudo bem, como faz para eu ter acesso a edição (ou comentário) do Docs?
  • Tem que passar uma conta do Google pra gente te adicionar.
  • Just checking in: have you folks made any progress on the Portuguese translation?
  • Henry, we have 86% of adjectives and nouns, 90% of verbs, 75% of "others", but still none of the parts translated. If there is a target overall percentage at which you think it is reasonable to move forward with the localization, let us know.
  • Sounds great!
    It's ok if you can't translate everything, since the words are picked randomly every time you play. Some words might only make sense in English.
    Don't feel any pressure to continue if you don't have time. There are no deadlines. Whenever you're ready to try the translation in the game just let me know.
  • Henri, how is the translation progress? I really want to help, as far as I can see most of the untranslated words actually dont have a translation. For example the words ending with "ium" sufix. They shouldnt be translated at all.

    How can I help u with this I really want to help releasing PT-BR language.
  • The translation is finished! I have been away on holiday but now that I'm back I will do some final testing before launching the new version!
  • Amazing... I cant wait to play with my non-english speakers friends. Do you need any further assistance?
  • I don't need any more help with translation, but I don't have any connections in the Portuguese game community so when it comes out please spread the word!
  • I will! I have many friends that didnt got very interested because of the language.
  • Do you have an estimated release date Henri?
  • It will be out this weekend or early next week!
  • Cheers Henri!!!
  • any news?
  • Yes! It launched today. Spread the word!
  • doing it atm
  • Hey all! I thought the game plays great in portuguese, it is really funny sometimes when you get a combination of 2 huge words full of alternating vowels and consonants, makes for a real mouthful and I found it quite funny.

    I noticed once in a while some gender errors, but only occasionally, I wouldn't consider it a problem. And also sometimes, the instructions said to increase a control to a certain number when it should actually say to lower it, I noticed that a few times.

    However, the big choice I would very much disagree with is leaving “Wormhole” in english. In the Spanish version, you have it as "agujero negro”, which is “black hole”. Although I know that a wormhole and a black hole are not the same thing, it would have been much better to make it “buraco negro”, as in the Spanish version, because it is a more familiar concept, the translation of wormhole (“buraco de minhoca”) is quite awkward and little-known, and what matters is that whatever it is, it is something to be avoided. To me, someone who speaks no english or even some english will have a real hard time communicating “wormhole” in the midst of a serious, high-stakes space mission. I actually consider it a serious impediment to it being played in Portuguese.

    What does everybody else think?
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