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Help with Lexicons

Lexicons are lists of words and phrases that replace the default Spaceteam technobabble. You can play with business jargon, or medical jargon, or a sailing ship theme, or just add your own personal in-jokes.
Any Admiral's Club member can play games using custom lexicons but only Ensigneers or higher ranks can create them.

To play with a Lexicon:
- Tap the Admiral's Club banner at the bottom of the Spaceteam title screen: image
- Log in (if necessary) using your membership card or member ID
- Tap "Lexicons" in the menu
- Activate the lexicon you wish to use
- If you want to download someone else's shared lexicon, click the plus button and type its keyword

To create a Lexicon:
- You should do this on a computer rather than a phone since you will be typing lots of text
- Make sure you are signed in to the Admiral's Club forum (this site)
- Click the "Members Area" button in the top-left
- Click the "Lexicogulator" button
- Click the "New Lexicon" button
- Add Phrases, Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, and other words to the lists
- Test your lexicon in the browser before playing with it by using the "Lexicogulate!" button (you should make changes and test several times until you are happy with the results)
- Your lexicons should show now up in the Admiral's Club area in the game
- You can also test your lexicon in single-player mode in the game by using the "Test Lexicon" button on the title screen


  • To clarify, all players need to enable the same lexicon, correct? I enabled the lexicon I made and played with some non Admirals Club people and the modifications did not show up.
  • edited February 2015
    Hm, no only one player should need to enable the Lexicon. Did it say "Lexicon: [your-lexicon-name]" on the Title screen and in the Waiting Room? Does everyone have the latest version of the game?
  • It did say "Lexicon [my-lexicon-name]" on the Title Screen/Waiting Room, but none of the modifications came up.

    Perhaps another possibility is that my device had somehow not downloaded the lexicon modifications I made on the website. I guess you have to sync it, even if the switch is set to on.
  • That's probably it. I'd like to make a smarter auto-sync feature but for now I recommend using the button to sync manually
  • Thanks. It's working fine now, with that clarification. Lexicogulator fun ahoy. Great game, by the way. Happy to be a supporter.
  • Is there any way to increase my membership to get access to the Lexicogulator? I wasn't interested in just doing it for myself, but now that I see it can be shared I have a few that I'd like to put together and share.
  • Absolutely! The normal price for an Ensigneer membership is $25 but if you are already a member you can just send the difference to my PayPal account at "". I'll be sure to watch for it.
    Thanks for your support!
  • Thanks Captain! I have been having as much fun playing with the Lexicogulator as I have with the game itself. It is really challenging to come up with all the word prefixes and bases that make just enough sense while still being ridiculous technobabble.
  • Great! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
  • edited February 2016
    Hi Henry,

    I have made a new lexicon and used the German base. When I test it in the Lexicogulator it works just fine but when I test it ingame, all the on/off verbs seem to be switched. For the German language it should be " " but it appears to be " ". It appears to be the same for when there is a noun and you get two buttons with verbs that are to be pressed.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance and all the best,

  • Hi @Clitcommander, no I'm sure there's nothing you are doing wrong. It's probably a bug. I will make sure it is fixed in the new version. Sorry about that!
  • edited February 2016
    No worries and thanks for the quick reply. I am very excited about the update because I'm crowdsourcing a German lexicon filled with the best of our insults. It's already very profane and I'm not sure if playtesting in public is a good idea...

    Oh and I meant to explain it in my previous post like this: "For the German language it should be "NOUN VERB" but it appears to be "VERB NOUN"."
  • Do you have the game language set to German in Upgrades->Languages? I think it uses the language grammar rules from the main language rather than the lexicon (I will fix this).
    If the main language is set to English then please try changing it to German and see if it makes a difference.
  • Hi Henry,

    your fix has resolved the issue. Thank you very much!
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