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Kickstarter Reward Tiers

edited December 2013 in Kickstarter Campaign
So far, this is what I have:

Tier 1 - $1

Community Forum + Developer Diary + Secret Handshake

Tier 2 - $10

**Custom Spaceteam character** + Community Forum + Developer Diary + Secret Handshake

Tier 3 - $25

**Spaceteam Lexicogulator (Word List Editor)** + Custom character + Community Forum + Developer Diary + Secret Handshake

Tier 4 - $100

**Exclusive features in Blabyrinth and Shipshape** + Lexicogulator + Custom Character + Community Forum + Developer Diary + Secret Handshake

Tier 5 - $5,000

**Fully customized version of Spaceteam** + Exclusive features in Blabyrinth and Shipshape + Lexicogulator + Custom character + Community Forum + Developer Diary + Secret Handshake


I'd like to avoid physical rewards, but if I do have them I'll probably include an embroidered patch of the Admiral's Club logo.

I also might run into some difficulties using Spaceteam features as rewards because of Apple's guidelines on buying things outside of the App Store. I'm hoping I can get away with it for the word list editor and custom character because the editing will actually take place on a website and the in-app features (enabling the word lists) will be available to everyone, but they may still have a problem with it.


  • I like how straightforward this scheme is. But something tells me it's missing /something/ - I wish I could put my finger on it. I'll give it some thought...
  • You can just say "and all previous rewards" to make scanning through the tiers easier. Then have a reward matrix or more detailed section in the body.

    I'm also not a fan of the $1 reward tier. If someone has $1 then they have $5. If the campaign isn't good enough to make them spend 5 I don't see it succeeding. You're giving away games for free...this is where you need to make money.

    I don't think you can change tiers after starting, only add new ones. I have no idea what tier 4 is for or why I would take it. Maybe leave it out until more details are available or ideally make those details available at the start.

    One thing I saw once that was kinda interesting was a "lottery" reward tier. Something like a $30 tier for a chance at getting that $5000 reward. You could say for every 2 hundred backers at that level another prize is added so the odds are always more or less the same. Or just limit the tier.
  • Alright, from the top

    "Includes all previous" instead of x+y+z

    $1 reward tier isnt necessary and takes up room for your message.
    $10 reward tier features a reward that is meant to have a bit of exclusivity. I think something a bit more simple/sentimental would work better here in addition to $1 rewards
    $25 - This is your second main tier. I think its decent though needs to have something thats a driving force for non-spaceteam people.
    $50 - This tier is normally really popular, you should for sure have a $50 mark
    $100 - flush out what features I can't really tell what to think of this tier.
    $5k tier - This tier doesn't really make sense, basically when someone big donates they normally don't even take a reward tier beyond the minimum. When Notch pitched one of my campaigns 2,000 he took the $15 tier for an example, but the data shows this is normally the case. I would exclude this tier as it takes up room for an explanation that only effects maybe .001% of backers out there.
  • Thanks guys!
    - I'll remove $1 (replacing it with $5?) and add $50
    - I can move the custom character to a higher tier
    - $100 is the definitely the one I was least happy with, usually this tier would be a t-shirt or something, it would be easier with physical rewards.
    - I'm surprised that you don't like the $5k tier. I've had several requests for customized versions of Spaceteam and one person already said they would pay roughly this price. If I got even a couple more at this level then it would make a significant difference to the campaign. Do you think I should have no high priced tiers at all or just change the reward?

    I'm having trouble coming up with non-Spaceteam-related rewards. I'm expecting most of the backers to already know the game so that's why I've been sticking to Spaceteam things.
  • The lottery idea is interesting and I considered it myself, but I think it might be a gray area. Kickstarter guidelines say "No contests, raffles, coupons, or lifetime memberships" for example.
  • A raffle seems gimmicky and takes up space to explain something people aren't fixated on. Besides having to skirt the guidelines/rules.

    Do not even bother with a T-shirt. it's normally a mess to handle and it's not really a reward that pops out.
  • Dont say "and all previous rewards" - Give a name for each level and mention they are included.

    I did the "all above included" and ran into trouble mid-campaign when we wanted to add a new reward based on backers feedback that was limited in number and in the middle of the table - some people thought it was included in higher rewards tier because of the phrasing. And you cannot edit rewards after you launched on KS.

    I would keep the $1 reward tier... This goes well with your messaging that everyone is welcomed. $1 and $5 is essentially the same, the core of your backers will be $10+ anyway, the purpose to have it is to feel all-inclusive.

    Tier 4 is a hard sell when you dont anything about the games - that will mean people will hold off it until they know more and when more is known, it might be too late , they might forget about the campaign altogether, etc...
    Give more details on the games and the kind of features that tier covers...

    Physical rewards are a pain - agreed. Unless it is a landslide and you have thousands of backers, dont bother.

    $5k tier makes a lot of sense to me... :)
  • edited January 2014
    -Personally I don't like the $1 tier because people tend to ignore it, so it ends up being cluttered on the project. However I do think it does match your message so it is okay to keep.

    -I have always kept the "all previous rewards" and only added additional tiers as a replacement for tiers sold out. if additional items come up you can put "add $25 to your pledge if you would like the new spaceship plushy." or whatever comes up.

    I place a large value on clarity of text and being concise. Personally I would vote to keep the "all previous rewards" and use the "add $X" in the case of issues. It would keep it short and clear.

    -Physical rewards are fine, just make them limited order. people love physical CDs/Art Zines/badges etc. You should include physical for certain. I have never ran a campaign that didn't see a large demand for the physical tiers. In my experience people adore them and ask for them.

    -If you have people already interested in the 5k tier then you should keep it. I know spaceteam has been used in schools and businesses so it might be a possibility if you heard interest about that.
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