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Why Free Games?

I just posted an explanation of why I want my games to be free, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

How do you think people who make digital media should get paid? Musicians (for example) have the same problems, they need to make money but everyone expects to get their music for free these days.
What are some other ways I could make money from Spaceteam?


  • I'll talk about my experience as consumer,
    I live in Brazil, here we have very high taxes, so must of the times I used to look for free alternatives (sometimes not so legal).
    With apps and web content I can find good products at fair prices and I started buying more, and the free apps I use I try to support, as your kickstarer.

    In most cases small ads don't bother me, in a game like Spaceteam it would be a problem because of misclicks during the game.

    I'm not much into skins but I have a lot of friends that money buying new skins and clothes for online characters. Maybe a free game and and extra payed game with skins? character builder?
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    I was a movie production designer for 30 years, promotion has always been a part of my job. I think promotional humor could work well with your game. Example...
    As the characters are beamed up, Red Bull gives you wings line could be voiced over as you rise. That is an incredibly weak example but gets the idea across...
    movies are being retrofitted with adds by digitally inserting adds onto glass storefront windows or rewriting signs and putting murals on buildings in the background. Maybe have an advertiser name a control after their product. Ideas like this could work ads into your games...just a thought.

    I do love your game, and if my ideas suck, just remember, you asked! :)
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