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  • I've uploaded the button and medal design files to the shared folder if you're interested in some sort of DIY solution.
  • Thanks for putting all this together, Henry! The buttons and medal designs are beautiful. I wanted to introduce myself on the forum, as I am organizing the San Diego tournament with another deputy captain. We're meeting up for the first time tomorrow to see about holding the event at Intergalactic Brewing. One thought I was having was timing...the more time we have to promote our events, the better, so I'm leaning towards the 28th. The question I have is what needs to be in place before it's time to start promoting and is there anything we can do/should be doing to help get us to that point?
  • I like the button design, but the button maker I have does either 1.25 or 2.25 inch buttons (and the lanyards buttons for making medals only does 2.25 inch.) Any chance that you can toss them in at those sizes as well. (I can also make 3 inch buttons but I only have the parts to make about 25 of them (came free with the button machine.)

    Even if I can't run a tournament at Origins, I'm still wanting to make up buttons and pass them around and get people excited.

    I also thought, perhaps you could do some sort of business sized card with info about the kickstarter and/or this site on it that we could pass out to people who enjoy the game or who want more information…


  • @werewulf Those sizes are close enough to the existing image that you should just be able to scale it a bit without much loss of quality.

    And yes I can certainly make little info cards that the venues can print out. Thanks for the idea!
  • I'm here for you admiral!

  • @Ironmaus
    The proof can be in the form of showing you the end credits instead of just a screenshot. Because then you can scroll up and see how far they've gotten but also, @Hengineer - this would allow for further sub-winners. Like most commands done or fewest mistakes made, etc...
  • @Spoon You're right this will work fine for the tournaments. I'd like to add a bit of extra info/validation for the global challenges though, where anyone around the world can submit a score.
  • Happy to say that the San Diego tournament now has a location, time & date all firmed up. Yay! We're on for June 28 from 6-10pm at Intergalactic Brewing.
  • Whoo hoo! Way to go @super_luminal!

  • I'm meeting with a Venue tomorrow morning in Glendale. They are a local board game cafe (aptly called Game Hause Cafe) with over 600 board games. I'm hoping they say yes because then I can send them business as well as entertain the people in the Space Team Tournament who have already lost or aren't playing.

    I'll find out and post tomorrow the results. I don't know if they have WiFi though, so I may have to invest in a mobile router or just setup my iPad as a hotspot. Does anyone know if this will work?
    @hengineer you mentioned that the device doesn't need to be connected just distribute WiFi signal?
    Does anyone have anything like that?
  • @Spoon Not sure about using an iPad as a hotspot, but I just created a local network on my MacBook Air and I was able to connect and play fine (curiously, the devices stayed connected even after I put the laptop to sleep!). I'm guessing it's probably not as robust as a dedicated router but it should be good for a few teams to play at least. But if you have access to your own Wifi router (or can borrow one) then that's probably the best bet.
  • @hengineer, since the lanyard button blanks only have one side, is there any chance you could toss up a "Spaceteam Champion" with the blue space background of the "Be on My Spaceteam" button design. It'd look nicer, I think than just plain white (or whatever colour paper I use.)

    Also, in a perfect world, I'd love a "Do you want to play Spaceteam?" or "Do you play Spaceteam?" or "I play Spaceteam" button design.

    In your copious free time of course…

    Hugs 'n Howls
  • @werewulf Ok, I've added DIYMedalStarfield and DIYMedalGold in the Medals folder, and a few other button designs as well (in the Buttons folder)
  • Excellent, and many thanks. Alex and I are in touch with each other and attempting to get a Chicago tournament off the ground. Fingers crossed
  • My tester buttons came out GREAT!

  • Although apparently the image didn't link. Try visiting here:
  • Awesome! I haven't even received my own buttons yet :) Did you also try the embossed gold version? It might look more like a medal.
  • I wanted to try the gold version, but my button program didn't recognize the .ai extension, and the double button version looked pixelated when I printed it. Hand me those again as .png and I'll give it a try.

    But first, Balticon! (Where I will endeavor to get some games going. After all, I have some buttons!!)
  • And @hengineer, that's why I bought my own button machine. I need instant gratification!
  • edited May 2014
    I share some of the spaceteam hama beads.
    1. Characters
    2. Logo medal design - gold
    3. Characters in booth decoration

    I think the characters aren't good enough to be used as awards, but the logo design is a good alternative to those events without the medal package, although the button design are great.
    In any case, some characters made with hamas could decorate the place.

    What do you think, some suggestion?
  • @sekongur These are amazing! Thank you.
  • @werewulf Png files are up (.ai is Adobe Illustrator). It's possible that they're just pixelated because of the filters I used to create the effect. I can try to improve this if needed.
  • On the road at the moment, Henry, but I'll pull down the files and try them out when I get back from Balticon on Monday night.
  • Personally responsible for at least three downloads of Spaceteam this weekend. Still working on getting you new fans...
  • Would it be possible to ship 1 order of medals and if so how much?
  • Someone else asked this so I'll share the breakdown of the package:
    - 50 buttons @ $0.27 each = $13.68
    - 12 medals (4 gold/4 silver/4 bronze) @ $3.20 = $38.40
    - 2 t-shirts @ $12.73 = $25.45
    - Shipping = ~$50
    Total = $127.53

    Fewer items will reduce the shipping cost, so if for example you just want 4 gold medals then I think the total will be about $45. Let me know if you're interested!
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