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Expanding the Universe | Breaking The Code

edited April 2014 in Blog
Expanding the Universe | Breaking The Code
In November I gave a very short talk at MIGS in which I explained that I’ll consider my Kickstarter campaign/experiment a success whether or not it reaches its funding target.  If it doesn’t hit the goal then I’ll learn some lessons about how to approach this funding model in the future, I’ll feel better about charging money for my games, and perhaps most importantly, Spaceteam will get a lo…


  • edited July 2014
    Fun-time idle request: add support for interlingua. Provide option to switch to that when multiple languages connect.
  • There is (and has been for some time) an easier way! At the command line:
    say -o spanish_hyperspace.m4a --file-format=m4af 'Hee per ess pa see oh'
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