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Advance strategies

Hello everyone! I'm a huge fan of the game, love the concept of the game as well as aesthetics. I play it with my friends quite frequently now as a warm-up for our board game nights. However as a group we got stuck at the game. We usually get to the 6th/7th sector with our record to be the 8th sector (with four players) and I don't see any progress in the game recently. That is why I'm posting: how to get better at the game? What are the strategies to get to 10th sector and beyond? It seem to me that I don't understand some core mechanic in the game. For our group it seem impossible to get beyond 8th level, the time is too short to communicate, people get nervous, and there are too many commands to finish the level. Is the only remedy to speak faster? Or maybe learning others cockpits in the process? I came up with one strategy: because we do asteroids and black hole very fast, one can wait with the call for shake/flip until the very last second. This gives time to process the commands in meantime. We have to try it. Do you have any other strategies? We haven't tried yet to start from the 10th sector, maybe this will help us understand the game better.


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    Hi @Fr1day! Unfortunately these forums are a bit of a ghost town at the moment because I don't have much time for community management (also the game is pretty old and I've been focusing on new projects). I'm hoping to breathe some new life into the community when my two (!) new games are ready next year.

    But... hopefully I can help a bit.

    Basic tips (that I'm sure you already know):
    • You can wipe away the slime!
    • You can fix the dangling panels by dragging them with your finger!

    Advanced strategy:
    • Watch your team's body language and learn when to speak/listen/wait. If someone isn't being heard, make sure people listen to them.
    • You often _only_ need to say the control name (not the verb) to effectively relay an instruction (eg. instead of "Engage Warptrigger" you can just say "Warptrigger")
    • As a last resort, button-mashing can sometimes work better than you might think. It doesn't affect your progress, it just causes more panel damage/chaos.
  • Thank you! Wish you good luck with new projects!!! Two new games, can't wait to play them.
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