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SpaceTeam ESL crash on iOS when going to settings.

edited May 2020 in General
SpaceTeam ESL crashes when I go to “Settings”. One way(/only way?) to fix it is to delete the app and install it again so the game data is cleared. It’s happened to me 3 times since yesterday when I started tinkering with custom dictionaries. I’m suspecting selecting a private custom dictionary and then restarting the app is what triggers it. I have an iPhone8. iOS 13.4.1 BR /Sam


  • Tested again. Also crashes with public dictionaries.. Steps to reproduce: • Go go settings. • Choose a custom dictionary. I downloaded the public dictionary with keyword “swedish”. • Test dictionary (probably not needed) • Restart SpaceTeam ESL • Go to settings. Game crashes
  • Tested some more.:
    • Game doesn’t crash if I start SpaceTeam ESL and then go to settings and lightning fast go directly to custom lexicon. If I manage to get there without it crashing I can then navigate around without issues.
    • The custom lexicon doesn’t need to be selected in order to reproduce the crash. Crash can also be triggered by downloading a custom lexicon and then selecting custom “none” and then restart the app.
  • Thanks for the detailed reports! I will look into it this week.
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