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Language dependency of Blabyrinth

I'm a Japanese fan of Spaceteam including card game edition. I can understand English a little, but my friends can't necessarily so. So I translated all the cards and enjoy it. Does the Blabyrinth highly depends on text? If so, what's the schedule for localization?


  • edited November 2019
    Hi! Many of the puzzles use language-based clues so the game will be English-only at first. I would definitely like to translate it but it will take a bit of time because of the procedurally-generated clues (eg. "Bring {quantity} {noun-plural} to the {adjective} room"). It's similar to Spaceteam in this way so I already have some experience and tools to support it.
    I don't have a schedule but it will be one of my first priorities after launch. And I don't know yet whether I can afford professional translations or if I'll need to rely on the community for localization, as with Spaceteam.
    I will certainly be posting news about localization when I'm ready for it!
  • Glad to hear the game will be translated. I'm really looking forward to the launch!
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