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Hi! Have you planned yo make a new update for Spaceteam? Or maybe you want to make new game?


  • I'll be making a Spaceteam update soon to fix some bugs and add a few small features. But I'm mostly focused on my new game Blabyrinth. It still needs a lot of work but I'm hoping to have it ready this year!
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    I hope we will see it this year! Good luck
  • Hey, I saw you said that Blabyrinth will be released soon, can you estimate a date? I'm really excite cuz I just read all the blog. Ty. 😁
  • I'm glad you're excited, I am too :) It's a complicated game though so it's taking me longer than I thought. Also I have a young toddler at home so my working hours are unpredictable. But I'm already doing some private playtesting with friends, and in a couple months I'll move on to public beta-testing. I think the game should be ready by late Summer or Fall.
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