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Trying to simultaneously have multiple "spaceteams" compete in a school cafeteria. PLZ HALP


Right off the bat, I will be using the “Internet” connection mode (compensating for the school’s Wifi and making it cross-platform compatible) and all teams will have unique Team Passwords. I hope to have >50 people simultaneously playing with the winners being the team that makes it the furthest. We want to use this as a team building exercise and look forward to the ensuing chaos. Do you have suggestions (I am considering designating a router for this game)? Also, I want to see if others are having similar issues to mine…

Has anyone had issues with the app force-closing (on iPhone)?

Has anyone had issues with instructions overlapping and making the text unreadable (on iPhone)?

Has anyone had issues with instructions freezing on a single device (on iPhone) as other teammates continue to progress to the end of the sector?

Thank you, fam.


  • Ok great, sounds like you've already done some research!
    All of the bugs you mention have come up at one time or another but I haven't been able to reproduce them reliably so they are hard to track down. I would suggest that if a bug prevents a team from finishing properly then they can get another attempt.
    Another tip for a tournament like this is to have everyone play with the same Deterministic number (found in Upgrades > Settings). Having the same number will make sure that the session plays the same for each team (i.e. same panels, disasters, anomalies, etc. in the same order). But you should only announce the chosen number at the event itself so people can't practice ahead of time!
    In past tournaments I've had three rounds of play and either eliminated some teams after each round (if there are a lot of teams to start with) or combined the scores from all three rounds (if there are fewer teams).

    There will inevitably be some disconnections when this many people are connecting at once so try to be forgiving. And remember to charge your phones!

    Good luck!
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    This research is really great! Thanx a lot. Now I can get it for free
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