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Help with ESL Lexicons

edited November 2017 in General
Lexicons are lists of words and phrases that replace the default Spaceteam ESL word lists (ie. Level 1—Level 5). You can add your own nouns, adjectives, verbs, and phrases, and also change some other in-game text.
Anyone can play games using custom lexicons but you can only create them with a registered Teacher account.

To play with a Lexicon:
- Go to Settings > Custom Lexicon in the game
- Click on the lexicon's name to activate it
- If you want to download a shared lexicon, click the + Download shared lexicon button and type its keyword
- If you have a Teacher ID, you can also login here and see all the lexicons you've created, shared or not
- Only one person needs to activate a custom lexicon and it will be used in every game they participate in

To create a Teacher account:
- Go here and sign up with your name and email:
- You should receive your Teacher ID within 24 hours with a personal link to the Lexicogulator online tool

To create a Lexicon:
- You should do this on a computer rather than a phone since you will be typing lots of text
- Go to your private Lexicogulator link (found in your Welcome email)
- Click the + New Lexicon button
- Add Phrases, Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, and other words to the lists
- Test your lexicon in the browser before playing with it by using the Lexicogulate! button (you should make changes and test several times until you are happy with the results)
- You can also test your lexicon in the game in single-player mode by logging in with your Teacher ID, activating the lexicon, and using the Test Lexicon button on the title screen

To share your lexicon with others:
- In the Lexicogulator select the lexicon you want to share
- Click the Make Public checkbox and note the keyword
- Share your new lexicon (and keyword) on the forum here:

If you have any questions, please consider posting them here in case they also help other people!
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