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Custom Character upload instructions please ,anyone?

I'm read to upload a character to Space Team for use. Anyone - please contribute your ideas, IT's FREE! Thank you.


  • Here are the instructions for creating your own character. Please note that only Admiral's Club members of rank Ensigneer or higher have access to the Character Creator.

    Creating a Character

    You should follow these instructions on a computer rather than a phone.
    • Go to the Members Area here in the forum (gold button in the top left)
    • Click the Character Creator button. You will be taken to the Character Creator tool
    • You should see some instructions in a yellow box. If you don't see them click the "Show Help" button in the top right
    • Click the New Characters... button
    • A new row will be created for your character with two empty image boxes with dotted lines around them. The first one is the "hand down" image and the second one is the "hand up" image
    • Click the Upload button below the image you want to change. A system dialog should appear allowing you to choose the file
    • Each image should be a 64x64 pixel PNG file with alpha transparency. You can create them with almost any image editing program. You can also use an online tool such as Pixlr. Here are some links with the character templates preloaded into Pixlr:
    • Once you're happy with the images, move to the next section...

    Using your Character in the game

    • Open the Spaceteam app on your mobile device
    • Click the Admiral's Club logo button on the title screen
    • Log into the Admiral's Club by scanning your membership card or manually entering your Member ID
    • Click the Custom Characters menu item
    • If you don't see your new character in the list, you might have to hit the spinning arrows button to download the latest changes
    • Activate your character by toggling the switch to the right!
  • Thanks for the great instructions Henry. I am an ensigneer but my access has been restricted for character creator.
  • Ok, this is a case where the email you used to join the club and your email on the forum are different. I have connected them so it should work for you now.
  • edited September 2017
    Your instruction is really great! I will use it in my new online game after registration in it
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