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Crash bug with FailCam

Was playing a 2 person game- my iPhone 6s has challenges unlocked and I had only FailCam turned on, my fiancée was on an iPhone 5 and doesn't have anything unlocked.

At the end of two runs in a row, her game crashed right as we failed, and on my final screen both times I saw just one FailCam and it had a white (blank) picture.


  • Sorry about that! I guess it's still a bit of an experimental feature. Thanks for the report. I'll do some more testing.
  • My guess is its due to the other player not having given permission for Spaceteam to use the camera, since you don't get that option until enabling FailCam.
  • Maybe. But if she didn't enable FailCam then it won't take a picture OR show other pictures (that's why you only saw one), so it shouldn't have needed the permission. Hopefully the crash will show up in the crash reporter so I can see what it was.
  • Oh okay, I just assumed it worked like some of the other toggles and applied to everyone in the game.
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