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Make admirals club an in app purchase

edited July 2016 in General
Sorry for overposting

Anyhow I think it would be easier if you made the admirals club an in app purchase (in the 2.0 rebuild) but dont include it in unock all upgrades.

Also what happened to chromecast\android tv support and the communal screen on a laptop?


  • *The paid membership
  • This is an interesting idea. With the new 2.0 version I'm also re-launching the Admiral's Club as a Patreon campaign, which is a pay-what-you-want monthly subscription. I'm hoping that it will be a more predictable income source.
    But I think some people will be more comfortable just buying an IAP within the game itself. I would want to keep the pay-what-you-want structure. I could easily make several IAP tiers ($1, $3, $5, etc.) but subscriptions might be more complicated. I know Apple has started offering new subscription features which I'm going to look into.
    It's certainly worth investigating anyway.
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