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Is Spaceteam free/paid?

edited April 2016 in General
For some odd reason, it said Spaceteam was not compatible with my device (Oneplus One). So I got the APK. But now it says I cannot download anything because it seems I did not pay for the game. The game is free right? Why doesnt it download?


  • Hi @riahc3,
    That's a weird error. Where did you get the APK from? If you want to try installing manually you should try the "non-Google Play" builds from this page:

    The reason it says it's not compatible is that I disabled some devices in Google Play (including the Oneplus One) because I was getting a lot of crashes from them. The current version has problems on a bunch of Android phones and I'm in the process of rebuilding the whole game using different technology to fix these problems.
    So if the APKs from the link above don't work then you'll just have to wait until the new version is ready.
    Thanks for your patience!
  • edited April 2016
    OK, the APK from that link worked. Thank you.

    Do you have a ETA from when you will have Spaceteam rebuilt with the Unity engine and released?

  • My estimates are still pretty unreliable at the moment but I'm hoping to start beta-testing in a couple of weeks.
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