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I saw that you recently made a version of spaceteam for the apple T.V. Can you(Or someone else) port it to chromecast. Thanks


  • Hi @Ki870, the Unity rebuild makes it much easier to add features like this and I can also reuse a lot of the work I've done for Apple TV so yes I'm planning to add Chromecast and Android TV support in the near future. I'll post here when it's ready!
  • Also if you need me to test it if you dont have a chromecast or android tv I have both the only setback is that I am on vacation until ugust 2nd so I will only have my chromecst
  • Thanks! Google was very kind and sent me both an Android TV and a Chromecast to test with but if I need more testers I'll let you know.
    I want to release the initial v2.0 as soon as I can and then I'll add Chromecast support soon afterwards.
  • 2.0 or unity version is out. What's the status of Chromecast support now?
  • Sorry @brisdaz but this became a low priority feature and now I'm busy working on my new game Blabyrinth. I haven't had a lot of requests for Chromecast support so I don't think I can justify adding it any time soon. I will let you know if anything changes though!
  • edited June 2018
    And what about is this new game Blabyrinth? Really interesting
  • Hi @juliabrown, you'll be hearing a lot more about Blabyrinth soon.
    It's a cooperative local-multiplayer escape room. You work together with your friends to solve puzzles and find secret passages and cryptic clues in a mysterious labyrinth, which changes every time you play.
    You can read more about it on my development blog here:
  • Hi! I have a suggestion for the future chromecast version :) I don't know if it'd be possible that you added a "Immersion Mode" in it, and the TV showed the window of the ship from the inside. There could be some animations when, for example, an asteroid approaches the screen, and if not avoided the window could shake or something like that, or that when you're about to die red lights would flash. And, most importantly, when players complete a Sector, the typical animation when a spaceship jumps to hyperspace could play as well (that one with the stars distorting as lines and the screen getting brighter).

    It's just a suggestion :) I don't know what are your actual ideas for the chromecast :3
  • Thanks for the suggestion @bmo22! Chromecast is still a low priority but I will consider it for the future.
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