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The Spaceteam Networking Post


  • Thanks for being so thorough in your descriptions and for offering what seems like very in-depth documentation! Hopefully I'll be able to get it working! I'll let you know!
  • Hey! So thrilled to stumble across this. First up - Spaceteam is awesome - can't wait to see what you do next. Second, this networking library you've put together is a massive help and much appreciated!
    I do have a few questions - mostly dumb I'm sure- not sure if there's a better place for it so I'll try and be brief. Running the example scene on PC & Android I get a few warnings. The 'DontDestroyOnLoad only work for root GameObjects...' seems fairly innocuous however 'NetworkDiscovery StopBroadcast not initialized' - is this just because StopBroadcast is called in case there's already one broadcasting and it just lacks a check for that before hand?
    Also, 'System.Void ExampleGameSession::OnStartGame(System.Collections.Generic.List'1)' called on client' worries me a little because I'm not sure what the warning's from. Is it because the 'OnStartGame' method is marked with [Server] yet is being called by the client? I struggle to follow the logic of why it would be set up like that if that's the case.
    Many thanks in advance if you get a chance to answer any of the above and please keep up the awesome work!
  • Hi Timboc,
    The DontDestroyOnLoad is a known issue with the way I set up the NetworkDiscovery objects, but as you say, it didn't seem to cause any problems. The other two errors shouldn't be happening, I'll check them out and fix them.
  • If you get a chance that would be great - it doesn't seem to break anything that I can tell and I mostly just wanted to let you know someone was making use of the library. Hopefully last dumb question but what's the higher level concept for working with the library? From what I understand, in Unity every Cmd call has to come from the Player object (with the exception of giving another object local authority). I see ExampleGameSession checks all clients for having rolled a die but if I wanted the client to let the sever know a button was pressed (i.e. via [Command]) it seems like I'd have to do that through the CaptainsMessPlayer? I'm wondering if either a)Cmd's are just a bad way to do things and the sever should always check the clients or b) I'm missing something really obvious (apologies) or c) People just use generalised (static?) methods to pass data around and hold references to the player object/class.
    Thanks again for your time!
  • I miss the ability to play over Bluetooth! This game was one of my friends and families favorite car games. We would love Bluetooth capabilities!
  • Hi, developer of Android Bluetooth Multiplayer here :) For iOS, I've recently released Local Multiplayer for iOS/tvOS/macOS, it supports Bluetooth, infrastructure and peer-to-peer WiFi for local multiplayer. Check it out!!/content/88666?aid=1101lHUy&pubref=unityforum It operates by using the same idea as Android Bluetooth Multiplayer, and API is also very similar. Both plugins also support UNet out of the box ("iOS MultiPeer Local Multiplayer Plugin" requires you to basically implement your own custom protocol). - Serhii
  • edited December 2017
    Thanx for that protocol! Very useful
  • edited December 2017
    Do you have android protocol similar to this one?
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