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[Android] What happened to Massive Mode?

I haven't played Spaceteam in a while, and I just reinstalled the game. I wanted to play with 6 of my friends, but I noticed that there's no Massive Mode anymore in the experiments section? What happened to it (or am I doing something wrong)?


  • I should have left a message in the menu itself, but I took Massive Mode out because the game should now support up to 8 players by default! No special modes required.
    Give it a try. It's possible that there's is still a bug of some kind, but if so I'm working on a completely new version of the game with modern technology which will be ready in a couple of months.
  • edited January 2016
    Hmm, when we tried it, the splash screen said "2-4 players ONLY" and the waiting room only had room for 4 players, it looked like. We didn't attempt to play with more than 4... well, I'll give it a shot next time!

    By the way, when we tried to play on New Year's Eve, Google Play threw a "your device is not compatible" error for Samsung phones.
  • Right, I forgot to update the loading screen graphic but it should still work... I'll make sure the new version says 2-8!
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