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I’ve had several requests to make an easier version of the game for younger kids or people who find it harder to make certain inputs or gestures. As a solution I’m adding some accessibility options for adjusting various parts of the game. Here are the settings I have planned so far:
- Fewer Panels (on/off)
- Word Complexity
- Chance of Getting Your Own Instruction (you can make it start with only your own and then gradually introduce teammate instructions)
- Instruction Timeout (this is the green/yellow/red bar timer for individual instructions)
- Sector Timeout (this is the time for the exploding star to start chasing the ship)
- Asteroids on/off
- Wormholes on/off
- Individual Panel Disasters on/off (eg. electricity, slime, dangle, etc.)
- Individual Anomalies on/off (eg. Magnetic Storm, Translator Malfunction, etc.)

Please let me know if there’s something else that would make it easier for you to play.


  • My input is mainly related to word complexity. The names of the instruments don't need to be standard, they could be silly or make no sense at all but they should be clearly pronounceable. This and your other changes (timeouts, astroids, wormholes) could be progressive based on the selected level.
  • Oh and my use is largely team building. Spaceteam is one of the only games that I have seen that involves cooperation and consensus to succeed. People going into a team building activity are sometimes apprehensive and throwing silly unpronounceable words at them does not help them want to participate. However my wife and I play and it has helped us work on our cooperation and listening skills.

    Actually that brings up an idea for something similar. A game where a husband and wife (using connected but separate devices) have to work together to accomplish the task without being able to see each other's screen. Say cleaning out a garage or moving furniture and other belongings into a house and placing them in the correct rooms.
  • You could use different background colors for the panels and then use the color in the name to make it easier to identify them. "Set the RED poffler to off."
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