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Spaceteam for iOS 5?

edited December 2015 in General
The newest version requires iOS 6, which makes it impossible for me to play. Is it possible to make the game work on older iOS versions again?

EDIT: It's not armageddon if it isn't possible, I can swap devices with someone.


  • Thanks for mentioning this, I didn't know if anyone was still playing on iOS 5. Now I know at least one person does! :)
    It was definitely getting harder to support old iOS versions but everything is changing with this Unity rebuild I'm working on so I'll give it another try. We'll find out soon :)
  • Sounds good, thanks!
  • Yes, I have 5 friends with IOS 5, and android (with older version)!
  • edited January 2016
    besides being an emergency spare for a broken phone or random media player...

    another good use for older phones is they can still be a spaceteam device :smiley:

    handy for those friends who don't like to install random stuff on their babies :wink:

    (which i understand and spaceteam is the only game app i've installed on any of my precious little android phones... because that is what the tablet is for haha :tongue: )
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