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The Spaceteam Admiral's Club is a community of friends and fans of the game [Spaceteam]. Anyone can create an account but there are special rewards if you support my future projects by becoming a paying member!

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  • I absolutely love Unity for cross-platform game development. It is so much fun to work with. If you decide to go that way, I hope you have as much fun with it as I have.
  • Hm with these cross-platform engines, might there be any chance for a PC-Internet port in the future? I'm quite interested in playing Spaceteam with my more distant friends; might even back it with some cash if necessary.
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  • Hi,
    Just want you to know I love Spaceteam!
    That's the funniest game I've played on mobile!
    But now I've learned you'd like to move on from it.
    But please consider there are many people who just met this game in less than 3 months (which is my case)!
    That's easy to see, since six new languages were introduced only 8 months ago, including Brazilian Portuguese, which is mine!
    I'm waiting for its rebuild for presenting it to many friends, most of whom are Android phone owners.
    So far I've just tried it with 2 players. Can't wait to try it with 3 or 4 players!

    Thanks for the great work, and please, keep Spaceteam alive!!!
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