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French speakers: can you think of a good translation of the name "Spaceteam"?

Now that Spaceteam ESL is out, we're modifying it to make a version for learning French. We've decided to localize the name of the app as well, but "Équipe d'espace" doesn't have the same ring to it. Do you have any suggestions?
Ideally the name would suggest teamwork or cooperation instead of just being a generic sci-fi word.


  • The actual translation would be "L'équipe de l'espace", but french players and kids love the english titles. French culture is young with in science-fiction, and all translations of SF works sounds outdated or kitsch.
  • Laissez le nom "spaceteam" en France ce nom est plus plaisant que "l'equipe spatiale"
  • Please don't translate the name "Spaceteam" into French. The name "Batman" is not translated into "L'homme chauve-souris", so you should not translate "Spaceteam" too. My friends and I play with the french version, but we like to yell "AS A SPACETEAM" at the beginning of each game. I want that my daughter says the same with the ESL version !
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