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Spaceteam is now on the Apple TV!

I just launched Spaceteam for the new Apple TV, read all about it here:
Let me know if you have any ideas for new game modes using the remote control!


  • You could use Apple TV as an additional screen players need to keep,an eye on - a bit like the big view screen on the Enterprise. Instead of wormholes and other obstacles coming up on players phones they come up on the TV plus bonuses that players can claim if they spot them in time. That way players have to keep an eye on their own control panel plus the TV.
  • Interesting ideas, I like them.

    Commander mode would regain the two way communication by pairing with Acknowledged mode.

    I agree it would be nice seeing a generalized observer mode with industry standard screen casting to any modern display. (aka MiraCast? and i suppose also the fruit company's proprietary equivalent).
  • Commander + Acknowledged is a good idea, thanks! I'll give it try in the next update.
  • Chromecast?
  • Yep, Chromecast is on my to-do list for the new version!
  • you can also have a mode with the stats ex: Wormholes avoided , near death saves ect...
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