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Surprise Television

edited November 2015 in Blog

imageSurprise Television

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in… So in a somewhat surprising announcement, I just released Spaceteam for the new Apple TV! I say surprising because a month ago I didn’t th…

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  • Nice work! Makes me want a new Apple TV!

    Games like Real Racing 2 for iOS have the ability to send something different to the Apple TV than what they display on the device. The device's screen shows a HUD, the Airplay view shows the view from the car, so:

    One device in a game of Spaceteam could, when connected to an Apple TV, generate an AirPlay "Observer" screen and send it to the Apple TV without need for an Apple TV app, and thus not require the new Apple TV. If you were to code it this way :)
  • Oh that's a good point. I remember considering this before the Apple TV had fancy apps of its own but I was worried about how intensive it would be on the network to stream additional data like that (possibly interfering with the regular networking). I'm still skeptical about whether it would work well enough, but then I never tried. Maybe it would be fine.
  • edited November 2015
    That's awesome! Have you thought about Chromecast support on Android now you've done some of the leg work?
  • The transition to Chromecast isn't totally straightforward because the Apple TV version is not being streamed from one of the devices, it is actually running on the Apple TV box itself. But Chromecast support should be easier after I finish the Unity rebuild that I'm working on...
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