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Handicapping Advice

Ahoy fellow cadets!

I'm running a quick Spaceteam tournament at work in our lunchhour, and was wondering how to handicap teams of different sizes. We're hoping it'll be mainly teams of 4, but we reckon the odd team of 3 will have an advantage.

How far along, in your experience, do teams of different sizes get along? I was thinking +2 levels for each missing person (so a team of 4 reaching level 8 would tie with a team of 3 reaching level 8.) Probably in a tie, the larger team wins?

What do you reckon?


  • It's definitely easier with smaller teams. I don't have exact figures but my gut would say that if a team of four can get to level 10 then three of them could get to 15 and two could get to 20. So I would add more than 2 levels for each missing person... but it really depends on a lot of factors.

    If you do get the same number of players on each team you should use Deterministic Mode and get everyone to play with the same seed number. It's designed for competitions and will make sure everything happens in the same way for each team!
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