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N00b question

I searched for this and haven't turned up anything... Maybe I'm a dunce but hey when I graduated at 25 they let me take the cap home as a gift! It's a hit on dates, anyway,

Is there anyway you can turn the instructions off? I have a two year old wiener schnitzel and a four year old muffin monster and they die super fast cause even though the muffin monster can read somewhat it's too fast and the words too big... Is there like a kids mode or something that disables the instructions? So they can just hammer on buttons, clean up that green goo and put the things back on when they break? Cause they would be so happy for that, I bet lots of little kids would..... It's just the dying was getting old fast... At first they screamed and laughed but then they had to keep calling me to get out of that last scrolling up screen. I know it's lots to ask but if the option isn't there I would pay for it if you out it in. Wouldn't take much really ;). Just disable them leaving the control panel screen without doing some password and don't ask questions haha. Course having the green goo and the damage might make it a bit more difficult, :). I got the upgrade all hoping there was a sandbox option or something but alas I either can't find it or my graduation gift hat belongs on my head.

Thanks fellers.... Oh I have an iPad and an iPhone and the game connects flawlessly. Never had any issue at all.m gonna see if my android can join me :). But I can't read all screens at once :(. While they crash and get bored. Haha. Luv ya ciao from the land of ice and snowmachines


  • Hi @AnabolicMike,
    Thanks for the suggestion! This doesn't exist in the regular game but I'm currently working on "Spaceteam Kids" which has options for slowing down the timers, using simpler words, disabling particular effects, and so on. I was thinking of adding a "No Fail" mode, so now that you've brought it up I'll make sure it gets in there!
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