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Waiting Room Error

Hi I just heard about and got Spaceteam for my Kindle Fire on version 1.5.1 and my brother got it on his iPad and the version is 1.7.1 Anyway, we are playing on wifi and we will both be in the waiting room and we will both press and hold the button on our screens and the little beams will shoot up into the air and then nothing will happen. Are we doing something wrong and is there any way to fix this?


  • Sorry about that. Please try manually installing the "non-Google Play" version 1.7.1 from this page:
    ...and let me know if it works!

    This is a generic Android version so some Amazon-specific things won't work properly (eg. Achievements) but you should be able to play the game.
    Unfortunately I no longer have the time or resources to keep the Amazon version of the game up-to-date so the store version is incompatible with the other platforms. I should probably remove it from the store...
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