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Spaceteam for foreign language study?

Although I'm a native English speaker I'm really excited for the ESL version this fall, but it got me thinking... What if Spaceteam could be used for more than practicing pronunciation and reading in a single language? (Well, and having a ridiculous amount of fun of course.)

I love languages and am working on Russian at the moment. It would be awesome if, for example, I had an instruction in English to shout out, but my classmate's corresponding control was in Russian (or vice versa). I bet we would all learn our new vocabulary amazingly fast. :-) It could work for practicing other aspects of a single language too, like antonyms or homonyms. If the lexithingy could allow the user to input two versions of each entry (I'm sorry I'm not sure of what terms to use!) -- i.e for russian study i would enter a word in English along with its Russian counterpart - then perhaps the game could be set to use one version on the instruction giving side and the other on the receiving side.

I'm probably crazy for getting so excited about something that would basically be studying, but I think it would be an amazingly fun and effective addition to a course of language study. Just an idea! Thanks for an great game and for making it even greater by adapting it for children and ESL students.


  • Thanks @Susan1430! This is definitely a cool idea, and it could be used more generally for all sorts of matching games (eg. country names -> flags).

    For now you can get this behaviour by using a special language rule that I added to support certain translations. It involves the use of the slash character ("/").
    If you separate two words or phrases with a slash then it will use the first part for the instruction and the second part for the panel/control. For example:
    will use EnglishWord in the instruction and RussianWord on the control.

    If you have access to the Lexicogulator give it a try and see if it does what you need.
  • Hi @Susan1430, you might like to know that Spaceteam ESL is now available! Here is the link:
  • I can't believe I forgot to leave a follow up post last year. :blush:

    The slash character absolutely worked. I've had a blast playing with my language exchange partners and classmates: it's a really fun way to practice vocab. Even playing by myself (via Test Lexicon) is pretty entertaining. :)

    For anyone thinking of giving a dual language lexicon a try: I've found the gameplay too fast for beginners (esp with languages that use a different alphabet) but low intermediate+ groups have been great.

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the update Susan, that's awesome! I'm glad it worked out.
  • edited November 2017
    Yes, really thank you. In comparison with other versions it has a lot of new better things
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