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ESL Possibility?

I teach English in Japan and have started using the game as a fun game to play with my students. My students are high school to college aged and are at varying degrees of English proficiency but for the most part can read it.

The complex words are really good practice for them to really practice pronouncing sounds and listening for it so it really is great for the higher level learners.

My though was maybe to make either an option or some way of adding more time or more chances before a failure for them.

(They love it in Japanese version though. They get so focused.)


  • Awesome! I'm glad to hear it. The ESL version is basically finished, we're just working on the website/promotional materials for the launch in September.
    It currently has two settings for changing the game difficulty:
    - Word Level (from 1-5, with words getting more complex at higher levels)
    - Game Speed (which changes the instruction timers *and* the sector timeout if you take too long)

    We're also open to adding new features and making adjustments as more people start using the game.
  • I can't wait for the ESL version to come out. I'm a teacher in Japan, and the new semester starts right around then. I know a few other teachers who are interested as well, so if you have a feedback form, I'd love to help you improve the game.
  • Absolutely! I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities for improvement once the game is out in the wild and being used in real classrooms.
  • Hi @kaysmaleko and @Jhoosier, you might like to know that Spaceteam ESL is now available! Please spread the word to your teacher friends!
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