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Communal screen support

edited June 2015 in General
Henry, I sent this to you in an email, but I didn't know you were on vacation until your auto-reply service told me (congratulations! I hope you have the best time on your honeymoon!) so I'll post the email on here so a) you might read it when you get a chance and b) get the community to weigh in on this idea.


I'm a big fan of Spaceteam and am totally stoked for Blabyrinth!

I fell in love with Spaceteam when it first came out, showed it to all my friends and family (even played it with my grandma, who cant speak english!) but stopped playing for a while and only recently got back into it. When I came back to it, I remembered an idea I had when I first started playing, which was to form Spaceteam clubs (and call them Ships) and have local tournaments, meetups, etc. Ships could be individual ships, with their own name and flag or whatever, and they could belong to bigger fleets, etc etc. This might already be going on, I'm not sure, but the idea still totally makes me flip out.

The reason I'm writing you, is to ask how possible would it be to add support for the app which would support a non player device (tablet, smartphone)? Said device's sole purpose is to display the ship's status (the little animation on top of the game, with the ship flying away from whatever danger is about to befall it) so that device could be connected to a projector or a tv, and so when the group gets together to play the game, the tv/projector could act as a real life ship's screen? I think it would really add to the experience and make the meetups more like a ship....a Spaceteamship! Now obviously I'm not a game designer and so I don't know if what I'm asking for is possible or not, but if it is, I would be willing to back it financially just to see this work!

Here is a crude drawing I did of what I'm talking about, with #1-4 being player devices, and #5 being the ship animation device connected to a projector.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon!



  • Thanks for the suggestion @SpaceGonzo,
    It's definitely something I've considered: various people have asked for this or something similar. At the moment though I'm just a lot more excited about my new games than continuing to add things to Spaceteam. If I ever make a Spaceteam 2, I promise to add this feature!

    Also, having a shared screen (eg. on a projector) is a cool idea but I'd want to do more with it. I recently fell in love with Drawful from the Jackbox Party Pack which uses a big screen + mobile devices in a really fun way.
    I'm actually interested in doing something like this for a future project. Maybe a heist game where you all have a special role and mission control talks to you through a video feed on the main screen...
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