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The Spaceteam Admiral's Club is a community of friends and fans of the game [Spaceteam]. Anyone can create an account but there are special rewards if you support my future projects by becoming a paying member!

Join the Admiral's Club- Henry (aka Captain Spaceteam)

Spaceteam in Humble Bundle

For the next two weeks, Spaceteam for Android (with all Upgrades unlocked) is available in Humble Mobile Bundle 12, along with some other great games like Monument Valley and The Last Express.
It's pay what you want and some of the money also goes to charity (you pick the percentage).

This is also a way to get the Spaceteam Upgrades without going through the Google Play store if you can't do that for some reason. If your friends don't have Spaceteam yet, let them know because this is a really good deal!


  • Hi Team!

    I got the app through the Humble bundle, but I'm wondering if it counts towards me becoming a paying member. Do I need to do anything to connect my account here with the app from HB?

    Thanks for the awesome game!
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    Hi Eric,
    No, unfortunately the in-app Upgrades are a separate thing from the Admiral's Club. They both go towards supporting my future games though, so thank you!

    If you want the Admiral's Club rewards the only way to get them (for now) is to use the PayPal link in the Members Area.
  • Hey, sorry to bother you, but could it be possible to add Stripe (the one that uses Humble Bundle) as payment method to get into Admiral's Club? Because my credit card gets rejected when I try to use it with paypal.

  • Hi @federan, I will look into making a Stripe account and get back to you. Thanks for the tip.
  • Hi, I picked up the paid version in the Humble Bundle, replacing the free version which I already had installed through the Google Play store. However, it's not letting me connect to the achievements through Google Play Games - how can I fix this? The achievements were the main feature I was looking to get from the paid version.
  • Thanks for the report @jai_dit, I'll look into it. I removed some Google Play support from the latest version to fix a crash for people that don't have Google Play (eg. CyanogenMod, custom ROMs, etc.) and I hoped it wouldn't affect the achievements but I'm guessing that's the problem. I will do some better checks for which features are supported by each device.
  • No problem. I'm happy to help troubleshoot, if that would be useful, too.
  • I'm unsure whether I need 1 copy of the game (with upgrades) for everyone else to play, or if we all would need a free copy with the host having the full upgrades or if everyone needs a full copy.

    Also, when I click the join admiral club, it just takes me to the forum, so I'm not sure what is required to join the club.

    Thanks for your help
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    Hi @jellinn, you can always play with other people even without upgrades. And if you want to use one of the special modes (Symbolic, Tenacious, or Acknowledged Mode) then only one person needs to have it and it will work for everyone.

    And I haven't made it super easy to join the Admiral's Club since the Kickstarter finished, but if you click on the Members Area button at the top left (in the forum) then you can join using PayPal. I'm going to improve the sign-up process soon.

    Thanks for your support!
  • thank you for clearing that up for me : )
  • Henry I have a question, I bought all the packs and I downloaded space team and I got in the admirals club but I can't see to find my ID. So do I have the buy the $25 dollar one because I was thinking about it.
  • Hi @Tinymonstersguy, at the moment the only way to join the Admiral's Club is to buy the $25 Ensigneer membership. This will get you the Digital Membership Package, the Lexicogulator and the Character Creator. I'm planning to offer different packages in a couple of months if you would prefer to wait.
  • Hi @jai_dit the latest version on the Humble Bundle download page now has a fix for the Achievements bug.
  • Hi @federan, there is now a Stripe payment option in the Members Area (it's the button labelled "Pay with Card" under the PayPal button). Let me know if you have any problems with it!
  • @hengineer awesome! I just made the payment, thank you for adding it!
  • Hi there, I bought the game via humble, if I install it on my tablet AND my phone(via humble store) and play it with someone on these devices some of the panels or commands are missing. Is this a bug ore some kind of copy protection?
  • Hi @Gullymat, there seems to be a Bluetooth bug with the Humble Bundle version which I'm trying to fix. If it's what I'm seeing then it should still work ok over Wifi.
    I will post as soon as I can find a fix for it.
  • Hi!

    I've purchased Spaceteam through the bundle (awesome fun, BTW). All was good until recently. Google Store has an update ready, but when I try to install it - it fails (error -504).

    If I remove Spaceteam from my phone and install once more from the store, it works... but then I don't have access to the extras.

    Can you help out?
  • Hi @Shaamaan, I've sent a new build to Humble (with upgrades unlocked) and I'm just waiting for them to update their version. Should be pretty soon.
  • Hey @hengineer, that's awesome! :)
  • edited October 2016
    @hengineer Did Humble Bundle confirm getting your build? I can't see any updates for Spaceteam via the HIB app.

    On a side note - I was able to update Spaceteam via Google without errors today, but everything's locked again. I'll try getting it from HIB directly. Perhaps their app isn't updated / doesn't have the update?

    I've downloaded the APK straight from the HIB website, and now everything's working again! :-)
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