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Chrome/Desktop Version Development?

edited April 2015 in General
I am interested in a Chrome app or even a desktop version of Spaceteam. Who else is interested? What could be used for commands equivalent to the "Shake" and "Flip" styles on the phone version?


  • This has been requested before but it's just not as convenient to get a team of people together in one place with desktops or laptops. It's so much easier with phones/tablets, and I think it feels better because you're actually touching the controls.
    Is there something specific to the desktop environment that you'd like to see in the game?
  • edited June 2015
    More so than a replica of the game itself on desktop, I think it could be super cool if it gave an overall "general picture" sort of view... for example, maybe a big region where we see our very spaceship zooming past much like in-between levels, but with more background art... and perhaps we can see an asteroid about to get near, and maybe there's a view of a sort of cockpit with everyone's characters, and as they successfully activate things, it animates them interacting with their screens slightly.

    Maybe thrown in some live stats in there too?

    It could be a fun kind of view to say put on a projector off someone's laptop at a party while they're doing a full team in Massive Mode. :D

    *update*: Looks like someone already had a similar thought:
  • Hi @vertex, I just answered this in the other thread. Basically: it's a cool idea, but I'm busy with new games now. Maybe in Spaceteam 2! :)
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