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character suggestions

I have two suggestions about the characters, and I dont know where to post them, so I'll do it here.

First, it would be really neat if the characters used vector graphics instead of bitmaps. The reason is that it doesnt look too good when the character is really close to the screen at first, and vector graphics would look nice no matter how zoomed in.

Second, I know that you probably wont make them vector graphics, because the current custom character thing would be broken, so if you want to keep the pixelated feel, I think it would look better if you sharpened the pixels, not blurred them. It would make the game look a lot more 8-bitty and better, in my opinion.

Just suggestions to look into.


  • Yeah, adding vector graphics at this stage would be a TON of work (cocos2d is entirely sprite based) and that's really the only place that might benefit from it. I might be able to sharpen them though. I'll look into it.
  • Thanks for replying.
    I know that this probably isnt the place to ask, but where did you learn how to program with things like cocos2d? Im really interested in making games, but I have no clue where to start.
  • I personally learned to program 20 years ago through a combination of curiosity, help from my dad, high school & university courses, books, internet searches, reading other people's code, and trial & error :)
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