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Red Beam

Hello everyone, I'm trying to play Spaceteam between an iPhone 4 and a Kindle Fire on Wi-Fi, and both devices make it into the waiting room, but the kindle's character's beam is just a red beam that shoots like a fountain! Any ideas? Thanks, you can reach me @PotoTheKiwi on Twitter.


  • Sorry about that! The Kindle version is a bit out of date so it's currently incompatible with the other versions. We will release an update soon. Hopefully next week!
  • Hi, I am currently trying to connect a kindle and an android device to play space team and I am having the same problem. The kindle version of the app is only at 1.5.1 while everything else is on 1.8, I am hoping that it gets up to date with the other versions of the app soon so I can play with more of my friends.
  • I can't afford to keep the Kindle version up-to-date at the moment but you can try downloading the "non Google-Play" version from this page:
    I think it should work on the Kindle but it will be missing a few Amazon-specific features (like Achievements).
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