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The Spaceteam Admiral's Club is a community of friends and fans of the game [Spaceteam]. Anyone can create an account but there are special rewards if you support my future projects by becoming a paying member!

Join the Admiral's Club- Henry (aka Captain Spaceteam)

Spaceteam 1.6 is now available!

Dear Spacefriends, etc.
I'd like to announce the release of the long-awaited Spaceteam version 1.6, which includes:
- Admiral's Club Members' Area
- The Lexicogulator
- Custom Characters
- Special controls and medals dedicated to the Admiral's Club Commanders

Members' Area

When logged in to the Admiral's Club Forum the "Members Area" button will let you access your rewards. If you don't yet have an account on the forum, now is the time to create one, ideally using the same email address that you used for Kickstarter (but if you use a different email just let me know and I'll get you set up)


The Members' Area in the game itself can be accessed by scanning your membership card !! (iOS-only) or entering your Member ID.


Member ID changes: Some of your member IDs have changed for boring technical reasons. Please log in with your new ID found in the Members' Area and ignore the old one.

The Lexicogulator

The Lexicogulator lets you put your own words into the game. Even if your rank doesn't qualify you to create your own Lexicons, all Admiral's Club members can download and play with public lexicons that people have shared. To start you off, here are two lexicons that I've made
- BusinessTeam: keyword "businessteam", which makes fun of business jargon and buzzwords
- Spouseteam: keyword "spouseteam", which I made for people to play at my wedding

Here's how to make your own lexicons:

Lexicons will be shared automatically with people you connect to but I also encourage you to share them with other members by making them "Public" and announcing them here:

Custom Characters

The Character Creator is a web app that lets you upload images to use as characters in the game. You can upload two pictures per character: one for the "hand down" state and another for the "hand up" (ready) state. The pictures should be 64x64 pixel PNG files with alpha transparency.


Special Medals and Controls

Those of you with the highest ranks have been immortalized in the official game by way of specially dedicated controls and medals. You'll see these come up as you play. I've given a few previews in earlier blog posts but I'll leave the rest for you to discover.


As always, there are likely to be a few glitches so if you encounter any problems, please let me know and I'll fix them for you as soon as I can!

- Henry


  • Wonderful update -- lots to build in the lexicogulator!
  • What about the handshake? ;)
  • Any idea when the Amazon version will be updated? :)

    Alternatively, do admiral club members unlock the dlc? If so, I'll just switch to the Google Play version.
  • The Amazon version will be updated this week. The in-game Upgrades are a separate purchase and not associated with the Admiral's Club.

    And Amitloaf, we had a secret handshake prototype but I wasn't happy with it so we're going to redesign it. Sorry it has taken so long!
  • Amazon version is still 1.5.1, any update on the ETA? :)
  • I was away this weekend but I will check with the Android team on Tuesday and report back!
  • They are busy at GDC this week but we'll get it ready as soon as we can.
  • I've got the new version on my phone and it is crashing. Why would it do that?
  • edited March 2015
    If it's crashing on Android please send a bug report to "" and hopefully they can help you. If it's on iOS then please let me know and I'll help you myself!
  • Superb work Captain Our Captain! Really enjoying working on my own lexicon...
  • I'm really enjoying making custom characters!
  • I haven't been able to get my custom character to load. She shows up in the members area. I've tried hitting the sync button as well as flipping the switch off and on again. But no matter what she won'the load in game, I only get the blank template figure.
  • Oh no! Can you tell me what device you are using? I will try to figure out what's wrong.
  • I'm having trouble with kindle fire
  • Hi @sushi_ninja, I'm afraid the Amazon Kindle build is out-of-date and I can no longer officially support it. Please try using the "non-Google Play" version instead which is available on this page:
    It's not specifically made for Kindle but it should still work (let me know if it doesn't!).
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