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Shared Lexicons

This thread is for people to share their custom Lexicons with others. If you have a lexicon you wish to share, click "Make Public" in the Lexicogulator and tell people about it in a comment, including the keyword so that others can download it.

To start you off I'm sharing two of my own lexicons:
- "businessteam", which makes fun of business buzzwords
- "spouseteam", which I made for people to play at my wedding

To download a shared lexicon:
- Log in to the Admiral's Club area in the game and tap "Lexicons"
- Click the plus button and enter the lexicon's keyword


  • I would like to enter the members area but where can I get my members Id from? It says "access restricted"
  • Until now, the only way to become a member of the Admiral's Club was to back my Kickstarter campaign, but I've added a temporary PayPal link to the Members Area page if you want to become an Ensigneer and get access to the digital rewards. I'm planning to re-open the club officially to new members soon through Patreon.
  • Where is the Members Area page? I really love this game and I seriously want to become part of the Admirals Club
  • There should be a button in the top-left of the forum under your username called "Members Area". I don't think it shows up on the mobile version of the site though so you will have to use a regular web browser.
  • OK, I made This form because once people start posting here, it will be difficult to find them all.

    The form populates This Spreadsheet with the lexicons and their info... a master list, so to speak
  • Inordinately excited about this. Thanks, Cap!
  • I've just published a lexicon called aussieteam - made up of unintelligible aussie slang - have fun!
  • Henry, is it possible to know how many people have downloaded a lexicon? Then I'll know if I should put more work into it! Do other people's lexicons auto-refresh on your phone if they are updated?
  • Thanks MattyK, I haven't tried it yet but it looks great!
    There's no way to tell who has downloaded it, but I can probably hook something up. It probably won't be very accurate though.
    I don't have an auto-update system yet, but if you press the "spinning arrows" button it will refresh all the lexicons including the shared ones.
  • I've created a quick github repository, in case people want to use that to keep track of their changes, etc.
  • Cool! Maybe I'll add some kind of in-game connection to the GitHub lexicons in the future :)
  • That sounds awesome. I'd imagine it would be a bit of a pain to take them from the plaintext format to something usable (but I'm sure it can be done). If you'd like to change the format so that it's easier to manage, it would be best to do that before too many lexicons go on there.

    I had a small message conversation with misterikkit about the repo, and I'd like to say a couple of things.
    1. You have to copy/paste the values from wherever you're editing into the lexicogulator. There isn't an automatic way of doing that.
    2. There is no set theme for the lexicons you can make in there. Make one (or many) for whatever you like.
    3. The aim is for sharing and having the ability for many people to be able to have their input on a lexicon, hopefully making it more fleshed out and of a higher quality. Collaboration is a wonderful thing.
    I have also created a quick lexicon, minecraft. As the name might suggest, it's based on Minecraft. (It's also on that spreadsheet, which will be needed once more lexicons are created.)
  • edited February 2015
    Just finished fiddling with medicineteam. Enjoy! Be prepared for very, very small text. =D
  • Thanks TwoDallahChow!
  • MattyK! Finally got around to fiddling with the new Spaceteam and Oh. My. Goodness, Aussieteam is absolutely fantasticasmica. Yes. That. We loved the poop out of it I'm quite excited to play again soon xD thank you so so much for sharing!
    P.S. I've downloaded all the others too... Will slowly be testing them out... If I ever drag myself away from aussie...
  • edited March 2015
    I've just made public bountyteam - tall ship sailing terms, thoroughly ridiculous.

    Fair warning - I'm getting the occasional crash while testing it, not sure if it has something to do with the lexicon?

    I'm also in the midst of adding some piratey language for a pirate lexicon.
  • Thanks aggaire! I will test it out and see if I can find the crashes.
  • Ok, I found a crash but it will be fixed in 1.6.2 which should be out next week. The game got confused by "Get %d Hands To Assist With %@" because the number came before the control name but it was very easy to fix.
  • That makes sense - glad it was an easy fix!
  • @hengineer, am I doing something wrong here? Whenever I try to add items to the Compound Nouns section, the samples pulled will occasionally include a "base" without an accompanying prefix. Is there a way to keep that from happening?

    Example: If I put "Pokè" in the prefixes and "ball" in the bases, I don't want to ever see a control simply labeled "ball".
  • Hi @5ofclubs, you aren't doing anything wrong. This was mentioned by someone else too. The original lexicon does sometimes use compound bases by themselves but I will disable this behaviour for custom lexicons. It will be fixed in version 1.6.2 coming next week!
  • You're awesome.
  • Bwaaaaahahahahahhaaaa "Keep it to half a tweet, Shakespeare" ... best ever. Goodness gracious.

    I created coachella for the Spacey Spacers who'll be chella'ing.
  • edited April 2015
    @5ofclubs This should now be fixed in 1.6.2 (compound bases are no longer used by themselves)
  • This is my first go around with creating a custom lexicon. It was really easy to do! I created this lexicon for a Staff/Board Retreat for an organization called the Open Door which supports youth who find themselves at risk. I'm one of the Directors on the Board. You are welcome to try it using the key words open_door. I'm looking forward to playing Spaceteam at our retreat!
  • Thanks Carol!
  • Who has done an actual ESL lexicon (to use with students learning English)? I'm owkring on a Lexicon but I'd like to see others also.
  • Hi @DavidBerry, this forum isn't particularly active at the moment so I don't know how many people will see your message. But I can send a message to the registered teachers mailing list inviting them to share their lexicons.
  • @hengineer I was thinking about this, you could think of creating a public curated repository of shared lexicon that you could see a list from inside the game. Maybe open the Lexicon creator?
  • None of the lexicons from the Google Spreadsheet are being recognised in the app for me. How about you? I randomly tried 'ESL' and that worked. That's the only one I found works.
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