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The Spaceteam Admiral's Club is a community of friends and fans of the game [Spaceteam]. Anyone can create an account but there are special rewards if you support my future projects by becoming a paying member!

Join the Admiral's Club- Henry (aka Captain Spaceteam)

Kickstarter Reward Tiers - VERSION 2

Everybody (even non-backers!) will get:
- Discussion Forum
- Developer Diary
- Spaceteam translations
- Spaceteam accessibility features
- Blabyrinth
- Shipshape

$5 - Ally
Forum Badge + Secret Handshake

$10 - Space Cadet
Digital Membership Package (certificate, membership card, and patch logo) + all previous rewards

$25 - Ensigneer
Spaceteam Lexicogulator + all previous rewards

$50 - Sergetenant
Physical Membership Package (printed certificate, 3D lenticular membership card, and embroidered patch) + all previous rewards

$100 - Crew
Custom Spaceteam character + all previous rewards

$5,000 - Commissioner
Fully customized version of Spaceteam for your company/team/family + all previous rewards


  • I've resigned myself to producing physical rewards. Mainly because I like the idea of embroidered patches and lenticular membership cards too much :) At least I should be able to fit them in a standard envelope.
    I can probably include some other things in the Digital Membership Package like the soundtrack and some wallpapers for your phone or something.
  • Also, I guess I forgot to include this but I'm planning my campaign goal to be $80,000
  • The $50 with physical rewards sounds like a good deal.
    Not sure *I* would pay an extra $50 for a custom character of Spaceteam. Maybe I'd pay... $20..? Just to show off? Maybe add the extra digital perks in that level?

    For your objective, that's relatively high IMHO. I will run some numbers though - might work out. But as a rule of thumb, if all your FB fans decide to back you at $40 average (quite high with your current structure, but possible), you just about make it. It would also depends on how much good will you have with video game media for the experiment to be relayed by them (that's the angle I would push to them BTW).
  • I agree, I'll try to improve the $100 tier.
  • After Quebec taxes, fees and rewards, $80k will be more like $40k, which is a realistic budget for living expenses, travel, art & music. For the experiment to work I need to see if it's possible to raise a realistic amount.
  • I'm hoping that the campaign will appeal to three groups of people:
    - Spaceteam fans
    - Press and others curious about the unusual nature of the campaign
    - People interested in the new games

    Also if I release a Spaceteam update with a link to the Kickstarter, then hopefully some percentage of those 970,000 downloads will visit the campaign and contribute.
  • edited January 2014
    $10 - needs more weight to it possibly add digital soundtrack (if you plan on having one) or something else thats small.

    $25 - Include access to the alpha/betas of all the space team community games.

    $50 Perfect. (limit X number based on your print run)

    $100 - Crew
    Custom Spaceteam character + all previous rewards

    If you can tie this one together with something physical and cool it would be amazing.
    Like printed physical concept art or a small physical trinket relating to the custom character to give the prize more weight. The value of that is typically ~120 for that sort of reward.
  • I cannot stress how many people I know have lamented the physical goods issue and wish they never did it. Just make sure you've accounted for the massive time sink, shipping cost, production, etc. Friend of mine did certificates, etc, but made them "print yourself". What about print yourself Spaceteam papercraft?

    I know the games are free but it's worth mentioning them in the $5 tier. People are dumb.
  • I can add the soundtrack, ringtones, and wallpaper to the $10 tier.

    I can't give alphas/betas on iOS for technical reasons, otherwise I would. Apple only gives me 100 beta-tester spots and I'm going to need all of them for actual beta-testers.
  • @Manveer - I hear you, I was trying to avoid physical rewards but I just couldn't come up with digital ones that seemed cool enough, especially for something that's supposed to be a club membership. But starting at $50 should keep the number manageable and I'm picking everything so it fits in a standard envelope. Hopefully I won't have my own horror stories to tell.
    Papercraft is a great idea though. I'll see if I can work it in!
  • Papercraft is a great idea.
    I think you should add a tier between 100 and 5000. (maybe $200- $250?). I'm a fan with disposable cash, and think your experiment would be a good investment in trying to change the funding ecosystem. I could afford more than 100, but not $5000, so giving the superfans one higher tier might be worthwhile, especially if you have an enticing physical reward like a t-shirt...
    -listing donors in game credits, naming future game characters after top donors, and more rewards related to your future games (i.e. giving them a differently skinned version) would also go a long way. So far, all rewards are focused on Spaceteam, and not on the great stuff you will be doing.
  • I guess it doesn't hurt to create another superfan tier!
    The problem with future game rewards is that I just don't know what makes sense yet. I have some ideas but it's too hard to assign a value to them.
  • "After Quebec taxes, fees and rewards, $80k will be more like $40k, which is a realistic budget for living expenses, travel, art & music. For the experiment to work I need to see if it's possible to raise a realistic amount."

    You should specify this then - it s a good point to make, possibly down in your page.
  • Agreed that it's worth doing a tier between 100 and 5000, if you can think of something good. Wish I had something to suggest, but I'm drawing blanks...
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