The Spaceteam Admiral's Club is a community of friends and fans of the game [Spaceteam]. Anyone can create an account but there are special rewards if you support my future projects by becoming a paying member!

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Spaceteam for Android

Google Play version

The primary way to get Spaceteam on Android is through Google Play here:
Get it on Google Play

If you're having problems, first try these basic troubleshooting techniques:

  • Reboot your device
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it from the Google Play Store
  • If you have the "Lucky Patcher" app installed, remove it
If it still doesn't work please remove the app and try installing the Non-Google Play version below.

Non-Google Play version

If you can't use the Google Play version then you can try manually installing one of these APKs:

Spaceteam 1.8.1 APK
Spaceteam 1.7.2 APK

You might need this version if:

  • Google Play says your device isn't supported.
  • You don't or can't use Google Play (maybe you are running a mod like CyanogenMod or using a custom ROM).
  • Spaceteam crashes when you open it with the message "Spaceteam has stopped working."

If this version works for you, that's great! Please consider supporting me using the widget below. You will get Spaceteam with all the Upgrades unlocked and you can also get notified through the Humble App when updates are available.

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If you're still having problems after trying these suggestions then send me an email and I'll try to help.
Henry Smith: