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High Scores

During the Spaceteam tournament at PAX East 2014 Brad Friedman's team made it to Sector 30 with four players. This is an extremely impressive score and I've decided to post it here in case anyone wants to challenge it :)
Feel free to share your own high scores in this thread!
Bear in mind that this high score of 30 only counts for a 4-player game. It's harder if you play with 5 or more players or with special modes enabled so don't be shy posting your own scores.



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    I didn't play in the tournament, but I was there and got a few pictures from the event where this screenshot was taken. Football was the winning team, and Starcrap were second place. I also got some video of the teams playing that I haven't gotten around to uploading anywhere yet.
  • Thanks, this is awesome! I'm sorry I couldn't be there myself.
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    Got this score solo (using both phone and iPad by myself)
  • Good job! Did you find it easier to play by yourself with symbols than with words?
  • Yeah way easier to recognize symbols then words when it's all in your brain.
  • Yeah, I agree with ImperialRebel. We had 6 people playing symbol mode and got the farthest that I've ever gotten before. Once we agreed how to describe all the symbols, it was MUCH easier than reading off goofy names.

    (But of course I love reading off goofy names as well...

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    Me and my mate Kyle got up to sector 43 one day at 'work'
  • Hey, this is the Brad from the original post. Here was our four-player score at PAX East 2015. It was deterministic mode, since it was a tournament, so you can try your hand at the same disasters we got!

  • What unholy magics did you conjure to get this good!?! How did your team not collapse into a blubbering mess?? You have travelled to sectors that mortals were never meant to behold...
  • That is an unreal score! Great job team!
  • Just discovered this game about two weeks ago. Introduced it to my cousin this week. We just spent an hour in the game and got to level 84.
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    See below
  • Photo going along with what ktroxursox said

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  • Wow. That is incredible. Can you still speak?? What's your secret?
    I guess I need to make the game harder... :)
  • Were you using any special modes? Symbol mode/Deterministic, etc?
  • We don't even know what special modes are... talking was very difficult afterwards, especially since we didn't realize we had spent over an hour playing. We do very well with symbols and lucked out by getting a lot of those. Game is amazing and there's no doubt we're hooked now. We'll keep this updated with our progress!
  • So we just got to level 74, have perfect internet connection, no phone calls or texts came in, and my cousins space team just closed out with the "Sorry, space team is unavailable notification." Any way to fix this? This is the second time it's happened.
    Much thanks
  • I can't really tell what the problem is but games don't usually last that long so I must admit that there isn't much testing at that level of play. It might be a small error that is getting compounded as the game goes on.
    Anyway, the new version will be ready in a couple of weeks and since everything has been rebuilt it will be unlikely to have this problem ( will no doubt have different problems, but I'll fix them as they come up).
  • Woah that guy that achieved sector 84 is an absolute pro I could reach only sector 5 with my brother (9 solo)
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    this is really score
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