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JUNE 4 - JULY 6, 2014

(Everybody shake!)
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Global Challenges

Gather your crew and compete with everyone across the world for real medals and prizes! You can attempt these challenges as many times as you want, at any point during the campaign.
Highest Sector with 4 Players in Acknowledged Mode
Highest Sector with 4 Players in Symbolic Mode
Highest Sector with 5 Players
Highest Sector with 6 Players
Highest Sector with 7 Players
Highest Sector with 8 Players
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Special Achievements

Perform these feats at any point during the Admiral's Challenge timeframe to unlock new rewards in-game!
Ten-four Little Buddy
Beat Sector 5 in 4-player Acknowledged Mode
Unlocks: Alien pet
Symbolic Gesture
Beat Sector 10 in Symbolic Mode
Unlocks: New Symbol Pack
Get 5 Near-death Saves (by yourself) in a single game
Unlocks: Hotblack Ship Skin
Entertain Guests
Play with 5 new people
Unlocks: New Waiting Room
Laser Focus
Beat Sectors 1 through 5 without making any mistakes (individually)
Unlocks: Laser Beam
Make 300 unnecessary changes (by yourself) in a single game
Unlocks: Golden Dial

Regional Tournaments

Beam down to a local site with your crew and babble for fame and glory! Check here to see if there's a live event happening somewhere near you.