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Android Startup Crashes with non-English System Language

Hey Henry,

First of all, I'd like to tell you what a great game you created! Everyone i've ever shown it too loved it.
Now i've got a bug to report... I'm from Germany and the people i play with usually have their phones on system language German. Now on almost all Android devices, the game immediately crashes after launch (shows white screen for about a second). I've also changed the system language to Italian and have seen the same behaviour. When everybody switches the system language to English, the game starts and we can even change the language in the settings and play in German. Now it would be really cool if you could fix that, because it's kind of a bummer for everybody to switch back and forth in languages just for a game.

Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work!


  • I'm sorry to hear it Alex! This bug will be fixed along with many others as soon as I finish the new version of Spaceteam that I've been working on for the past couple of months. I'm completely rebuilding the game using new technology which will solve many problems.
    I'll make an announcement as soon as it's ready.
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