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New "Unlock All Upgrades" option

I’ve changed the pricing for in-app purchases in the latest Spaceteam update (version 1.4). Instead of having six individual upgrades for $1 each, there’s now a single $5 purchase that will unlock all the upgrades. I made this change partly as an experiment to see if it makes a difference to sales. It’s easier to find and understand and I think $5 is a pretty good deal for everything you get: Achievements, three Challenge Modes, Symbolic Mode, new Outfits, and four new Ship/Panel skins. Especially considering the main game is free :)

Because the old items are no longer available and I don’t want people buying anything twice, if you bought any of the previous upgrades (even just a single $1 item) then all the upgrades will be unlocked for you!
This seemed like the best and least confusing solution to me but I apologize if it seems unfair.


  • I love this game! If I get the upgrades, does everybody playing in a game with me get those upgrades for that game? I will upgrade no matter what because I like this game...
  • Mostly! Everybody you play with will be able to use modes like Symbolic Mode and Acknowledged Mode.
    Some of the upgrades are personal however, like the Ship's Cat and the different skins which will only be unlocked for you.
  • I would love to give you $5, but the in-app purchase is broken on Android. It says your version of in-app billing is no longer supported... so, oh well.
  • We are trying to fix this problem as soon as possible! There should be a new build next week.
  • Sounds great! I'll keep checking back.
  • Payment works now for me
  • If anyone else was having trouble purchasing Upgrades it is fixed in version 1.6.1 which should now be available in the Google Play Store. Thanks for your patience!
  • edited May 2016
    I tried to buy the 'unlock all' uprgrade, but it kept saying Error Verifying Receipt, it also took my money. Is there anyway that I can fix the game? Or at least get my money back? PS. I'm using an an iOS device.
  • Hi @FuzzyLion6, I've heard this recently from a couple of other people, so hopefully it's not a recurring problem :\ Anyway here are my suggestions:
    - Delete and reinstall Spaceteam and then go to Upgrades and choose "Restore Previous Purchases".
    - If that doesn't work, wait to see if you get an email receipt from Apple (it might take a day or two after your purchase).
    - If you get a receipt you can ask for a refund by using the "Report a problem" link in the email.
    - If you DON'T get a receipt then it's likely that the purchase didn't go through for some reason and you can try the "Unlock All" button again.

    This problem should go away with the new version I'm working on.
  • Thank You So Much! I'll Try Those Things Out. Even If It Doesn't Work I'd Be Happy For You To Keep The Money For The Great Games!
  • Hi again @FuzzyLion6, can I get some more information about your setup to help track down the problem?
    - What country are you in?
    - What device model/system are you running?
    - Is your device “jailbroken”?
    - Anything else you can think of that might be relevant...

  • I'm in Canada. I'm running on the latest update for the IPad Mini (I think the second gen). I've never jail broken it. Besides those details I'm not really sure what else there is.
  • Quick question, do you know the approximate date the next update for space team is coming out?
  • I'm doing beta-testing over the next few weeks and hopefully it will be ready by early July.
  • Actually, I've found a solution to this specific problem so I'm pushing a new build to Apple now. It should be ready in a week or so.
  • Thank you so much! If you ever need anyone to test anything I'd be happy to help in any way possible!
  • Good news! Apple expedited my review so version 1.8.2 is already out. Please give it a try and choose "Restore Previous Purchases" from the Upgrades screen.
    Let me know if you still have problems.
  • edited May 2016
    Thank you so much! I restored my purchases, I'll test it out with my friend this weekend and I'll tell you if it's working out alright. (Also, thank you so much for answering everyone's comments and questions! A lot of developers don't do this, this makes you unique and special, I just wanted to thank you for your activity). Also, I open up customize character and I click the components thing and nothing happens? Am I doing the right thing? Or does it just unlock 28 new random components?
  • Hello Captain! I just tested everything (but I have yet to discover!), all of it works!
  • Yes you can't actually do anything on the Outfits menu, it's just there to show you a sample of what gets unlocked (28 new random outfit components).

    If you want to design your *own* character you'll need to join the Admiral's Club as an Ensigneer (or higher). You'll also get the Lexicogulator and a bunch of other goodies.
  • I bought upgrades for my Android Spaceteam, and just installed it on my new phone, but they're not unlocked there. I don't see a "restore purchases" option anywhere (is that an iOS-only thing?) How should I port my "upgraded status" to my new phone?
  • Android is supposed to auto-detect your purchase but I guess sometimes it doesn't work properly. I will send an unlock code to your email address later today.
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